Dear Twitter Readers

Dear Twitter Readers,

I never planned to tweet one haiku a day for seventeen months, or whatever it ended up being. In December of 2012 I tweeted one haiku for each day in advent. I collected them and printed them on a piece of blue paper decorated with silver glitter that I framed as a Christmas present for my Mom. That was that. I had no plan to continue. But then on New Year’s Day, a haiku came to me unexpectedly, miraculously. I wrote and tweeted it with delight.  Soon it became a ritual and compulsion to write and tweet a haiku every morning before I got out of bed. This continued for all of 2013 and into 2014.

In the process, I developed a collection of loyal readers, you, who would put stars on my better haiku, or retweet them, or indicate to me in other ways that they appreciated my little poems. This was all the encouragement I needed to keep on going. Then somewhere in the last few days and weeks, my haiku practice has seemed to taper off. The haiku are not coming to me in the same way, and what I write is starting to feel forced, or worse, repetitive. I decided this haiku phase that came to me unbeckoned was coming to an end.

But here is my dilemma. Dear readers, I do not want to let you down. If there is a single person for whom those little morning tweets are a source of happiness, how could stop? A writer only needs so much encouragement. And yet, what if I have no more haiku left to give? I don’t understand these things. I don’t know who you are, reader, just as you may not know me. But if you are my reader, know that you can find me here. If not in haiku form, I will continue to spill out my thoughts to you somehow, sustained by the feeling that my words have a destination.

Thank you for reading,


PS If you are interested, you can find many of my tweeted haiku are on the Haiku page of this website. I will eventually collect the rest, or the best, and publish them.

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