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February in New England

If you are not a little depressed in February in New England, there is probably something wrong with you. It’s been four years since I last wrote anything here on this blog. I was micro-blogging on Twitter in haiku form. … Continue reading

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Lanesville Morning

I woke up without an alarm (mine or anyone else’s) in an empty house, to a morning that was my own. It wasn’t too early, but I was awake before the neighborhood children, and the quiet was palpable. Then I … Continue reading

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crocuses, single combat, and a snow girl

Yesterday was Greek Easter Sunday and truly felt like the first day of a new year. After weeks of rain and cold, the sun shone brightly. It was the first day we spent outside gardening, the first day the ground … Continue reading

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Alpha Turns One

I know that some (more seasoned) writers find it distasteful when authors talk about their books as their children. I am afraid I risk falling afoul of those people in this post! Frankly, it is hard for me not to think … Continue reading

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Dear Twitter Readers

Dear Twitter Readers, I never planned to tweet one haiku a day for seventeen months, or whatever it ended up being. In December of 2012 I tweeted one haiku for each day in advent. I collected them and printed them … Continue reading

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A Flower Walk in Back Bay

This morning I met a friend for a walk in Back Bay. I know friend is a wonderfully uninformative word, especially in this time of Facebook when we have vast numbers of friends we interact with regularly, while real-life meetings with … Continue reading

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Boston Literata

Yesterday was the day of my first-ever author interview. It was a taped interview for a cable show called The Literati Scene, hosted by Smoki Bacon and Dick Concannon, two prominent Bostonians in their early eighties. The set for the … Continue reading

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Protected: Me and Patti Smith

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Publicist

The book is written and published and launched.  How the writer longs to crawl back under a rock or to her library to write and write and write again. How she misses that quiet table, that solitude. But it is … Continue reading

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Publication Date 11.12.13

I have work to do today, but am drawn to writing here before I begin. The human frame falls apart with overwork and exhaustion. After a big production or a big project we get sick. The body demands the rest … Continue reading

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